Tapping into the need to heal in all young people.....

.....the potential for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to change every child, adolescent or teen’s emotional and physical path in life is too great not to have a language and methodology put forward for them to experience and use as their own.eft4Kids! is an effort towards that reality.
~ Eric Huurre
eft4Kids! Founder



"Dear God, thank you for this beautiful child. Help us to help him to get along better in the world."
~Ann Adams

Many highly skilled and experienced practitioners, youth workers, parents and care givers are now using EFT to help children help themsleves. The protocol will only continue to grow in reach and popularity as more and more individuals and organizations discover the benefits of this remarkably safe, efficient and effective tool for addressing any and all physical and emotional issues. Many more adults who care about kids are searching for this type of simple to learn, complimentary, non partisan resource.

eft4Kids! is an effort to dialogue among parents, teachers and practitioners interested in fashioning EFT into a tool that speaks to young people and gives them the gift of EFT in a form they will understand and welcome into their lives.

Our aim is to bring forward the basic EFT protocol as a self-help tool for kids, adolescents and teens while showcasing the practice and celebrating its successes through separate, interactive support communities for young people and adults. The goal is to not only inform and instruct young people to apply EFT themselves, but to create a space, or forum where kids can share their experiences and grow the language and applications they are comfortable to use themselves. Ultimately, the higher goal is to instill an understanding that all health conditions and emotions (good and otherwise) start and stay within the control of the individual. Mastered in their formative years, an EFT protocol for kids can become a familiar, trusted ally in the daily lives of young EFT users as they grow into adulthood.

We invite you to explore our efforts and progress through this site, our public discussion forums in association with the World Wide Masters web site and web communities and our soon to be launched companion youth site, newsletters and training materials.


Action Plan Rap, Tap, Zap! (RTZ) is a youth-friendly version of EFT that will be promoted and its impact highlighted online. A distinct web site will address youth audiences with the purpose to inform, build community, share successes and link interested parties. eft4Kids! is the adult rallying point for this initiative. This separation is critical.... Read more

Youth Panel Rap Tap Zap! is a “kids-first” initiative! What is important to convey to all young people whether they are simply exploring the concepts and using the materials, or they’re interested to help shape and represent the practice to their peers is that RTZ is for them to use, share and take with them into adulthood..... Read more

AdvisorsThe working plan is to connect with visionaries and skilled EFT practitioners who are also working with and sensitive to how children are being affected by EFT to best determine how we might formalize some of those findings to add professional counselling experience to validate this as a legitimately formed and supported protocol..... Read more

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Topics of InterestIf you are interested in using EFT as part of your work with young people or in your own family environment we have community forums that you can browse and join in on. On our public discussion forums we conduct lively exchanges of genral interest as well as news and views from the perstectives of Parents, Practioners and Educators. You can become a member of our discussion forums at http://eft4Kids.eftforum.net/

Our communities of interest are growing and we welcome your input! Check out the comments and points of view often.

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Contact Us If you have a specific interest in helping to shape this project please contact us. Both this general interest site and the youth-targeted web site and support materials to follow will form their respective communities of interest online and we welcome input and feedback... Read more

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