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kids picSkywriter Communications centres on originating and producing traditional as well as the latest in interactive new media to engage young minds and those charged with communicating and supporting youth. We're dedicated to nurturing entertaining and enlightening communications that help people improve themselves and their communities. What sets us apart is three decades of innovation in awareness and educational media creation in an industry where experience is often measured in months.  We take the time to learn what our young audiences respond to and translate that into creative solutions servicing the needs of children, adolescents and teens in partnership with their caregivers, supporters and communities at large.

On projects ranging from Disney Interactive to NASA, National Geographic to the United Nations, Skywriter has developed creative strategies, coordinated strategic alliances among nonprofit, corporate and community interest groups and produced mixed media that addresses topical issues while enabling interest groups to form and continue a dialogue beyond the scope of any one media effort, or campaign. Skywriter's integrated communications strategy is incorporated into eft4Kids!

Our creations inform, educate and entertain young audiences, while working with our partners to position our information in strategic venues where interaction will be possible among kids and their mentors.  Through the strengths of public and private sector partners we connect with today’s digitally savvy young learners and doers.

The director of Skywriter and the project originator of eft4Kids!, Eric Huurre, is an award winning media producer with over thirty years experience creating and producing learning and awareness media for international audiences. Information television series, documentaries and event Specials; television, radio advertising; web and interactive multimedia production; creative and business development ; fund raising; and corporate and government-backed educational initiatives are Skywriter's strengths.

Skywriter Communications is bringing together the professional media production team, creative resources, advisors, consultants and funding for this project. If you or your organization wish to get involved with creating or promoting what will follow we invite your contact and encourage your participation.

Eric Huurre
Skywriter Communications Inc.





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