"Children will be taught energy interventions as a common-sense way of managing their emotions as routinely as 'count to ten.' "
~ David Feinstein, The Promise of Energy Psychology

Putting Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into the hands of young people

Wishes, hopes and dreams make up the language and naturally preoccupy the thinking of young people. Kids naturally vibrate hope. This is at the root of a plan to offer EFT in a kid-friendly, self-help format that children, adolescents and teens can use on their own to help solve, or resolve whatever they focus on.

Even when faced with physical or emotional challenges, kids possess optimism that something greater than themselves – something magical, special, or secret can make the problem go away.

Adults lose this simple, but universally applicable truth - that what we choose to focus on and believe in becomes our reality be that wealth, personal achievements, our emotions or our very physical well being. Energy medicine is inviting us to re-examine the root of our health and wellness beliefs. In doing so it is asking us to revisit the same child-based belief that a healing touch, word or thought can summon results as powerful as any that science can offer in their place. This is the foundational premise of eft4Kids! It will direct our efforts to create a new EFT model for young people.


Rap, Tap, Zap! (RTZ) - putting Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into the hands of young people

"Rapping," "Tapping" and "Zapping" away unwanted and quite often otherwise difficult to address feelings, or physical symptoms while inspiring a can-do, empowering attitude among young people is where the eft4Kids! initiative is pointed.

RTZ offers a model capable of instilling the belief that young people can control their negative emotions and unbeneficial physical conditions, improve their personal performance, or anything else through the use of an EFT protocol designed to appeal to children, adolescents and teens.

Many practitioners are now using EFT to help children and the protocol will only continue to grow in reach and popularity. Rap, Tap, Zap! is an effort to introduce EFT to young people as a self-help tool while showcasing the practice and celebrating its successes on a larger stage internationally. The goal is to not only inform and instruct young people to apply EFT themselves, but to create a space, or forum where kids can share their experiences and grow the language and applications they are comfortable to use themselves. Ultimately, the higher goal is to instill the understanding that all emotions and health conditions (good and otherwise) start and stay within the control of the individual. Mastered in their formative years, RTZ can become a familiar, trusted ally in the daily lives of young practitioners as they grow into adulthood.

The Philosophy
RTZ can work for every young person who applies it - it isn't a trick or something for gifted, priviledged or ‘special’ people - it is a universal principle available to everyone who wants to affect some personal change and chooses to use it. Rap Tap Zap! will put forward a model that features respect, privacy, acceptance and gratitude. There are no failures or negative consequences to practicing EFT. Just as with the Law of Attraction, particularly as it is being popularized in the hit film The Secret, the practice of EFT is something for everyone and for every situation. RTZ can act as the catalyst for the true empowerment of youth. Ultimately however, the materials and the language must look, sound and work to appeal to a young end user to effectively capture and hold their interest, even if the ultimate goal is to offer help. To do that the protocol must shape what has proven effective for adults into suitable messages delivered by young messengers who appeal to and inspire participation and trust by children and youth.

Reaching Young People in partnership with Care Givers & the Community
The topic of wellness, health, emotions, fears, etc. are good learning topics for formal and informal educational settings. The Rap Tap Zap! program is intended as a self-help tool for youth, but will include a parallel adult information resource that will hopefully demonstrate the practice in a format that invites its application in youth groups and learning environments as well. Peer to peer counselling, mediation and other popular trends in youth self help applications are ideally suited to include RTZ in an alliance with youth groups, school and therapeutic programs and organizations.

The RTZ protocol is not an effort to exclude adults from the proactive care and mentoring of children. Rather it acknowledges what EFT itself highlights – many issues, both physical and emotional, result from blocks formed through interpersonal experiences often as a result of how we interpret the actions, words and deeds of the adult care givers in our younger lives. It should follow that the opportunity for young people to influence their own performance and healing will benefit them in certain scenarios. Positive input (evidence of successes, mentors, acknowledgements) goes a long way to establishing a ‘can-do’ attitude in kids who can otherwise feel insignificant, or powerless over their own feelings or physical conditions in their adult-run world. Rap Tap Zap! will stress the positive as its working mantra. If we listen and learn best from people most like ourselves, we can also heal and come to a place of better health by supporting and learning from those working on similar issues or obstacles. Children who find Rap Tap Zap! will find comfort, support and a home for their feelings among their peers.

RTZ will be profiled and evolve Online
EFT in a youth-friendly form will be promoted and its impact highlighted online. Distinct web sites will address separate adult and youth audiences with the purpose to inform, build community, share successes and link interested parties. This distinction is critical. Young people will not accept and embrace as their own anything designed to appeal to adult readers or online users. This eft4Kids site is designed to be informational while seeking to invite advocates and critics alike. The youth site will be motivational, instructional and will build community - an EFT ‘health and fitness' club of sorts where kids can feel free to share their issues and concerns, celebrate successes and generally feel safe and supported in a healing environment of their own making. The use of rich media highlights and will benefit by how young people communicate with their peers and learn for themselves today. An interactive media approach to awareness building will evolve and be shaped by the successes and dialogue that the community of end users itself inspires.

Rap Tap Zap! online will become a destination of healing and hope. Guides, activities, web and other media applications will carry the core message - tapping into your thoughts and feelings about what you want to change or accomplish is simple, easy, fun and can bring about positive changes in your life that you can control!Instructional and informational DVD's will parallel the web sites. Every media format will cross-promote and cross reference all explanations, demonstrations, highlights and examples of the process in action through real young people and their stories.

The web site will illustrate the techniques and offer the languaging in animated, interactive and case by case examples, sharing successes, providing support through interviews with end users; stories featuring heroes and celebrity mentors and links back to the web site(s.) The web site will aim to become a destination for healthy dialogue and a resource for practical approaches to bringing balance and control to the individual seeking answers or support. A campaign of materials will eventually include demonstrations, testimonials and case studies of kids in a magazine-style newsletter complimenting and under the same banner asf the soon to be launched kid's web site. Live action and animated videos featuring the protocol and reactions and experiences of young people using the protocol will also be posted online and be made available for group presentations and self study. A television documentary will be produced to highlight the enabling process of young people taking on a proactive role in their own wellness.

As EFT itself is spreading, so RTZ as a protocol and community for young people will spread – successful user by successful user; peer to peer; positive example by positive example. 

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