“….when the doctor of the future tears a page off her prescription pad and hands it to a patient, the prescription might well be…a particular therapeutic belief or thought, a positive feeling, a gene-enhancing physical exercise, an act of altruism, or an affirmative social activity.” ~ The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church.  

Taken a step further, patients in the future might just self heal and heal each other through what we can present to them through eft4Kids!

There are already many positive examples of EFT at work with children. Seasoned EFT practitioners, educators, coaches and parents are contributing a wealth of helpful wording and applications for a range of typical situations wherein EFT can be of great help in addressing emotional and physical issues in young people.

An Advisory Panel of EFT practitioners, educators and others is forming through eft4Kids! to coordinate and validate materials put forward to young people. This site offers a view of the process underway to help build and deliver a technique for children to practice and explore for themselves.

Translating adult concepts like "energy points" and "set up phrases" into still accurate and practical "kid speak" is what eft4Kids! is about. Through the first hand experience and guidance of our Advisory Panel, parents, teachers, coaches, therapists and facilitators will find a view of the technique as children practice and explore it; as well as a discussion forum and other resources to incorporate into their own work with children via distinctly separate, but complimentary learning materials. This site and our companion discussion forums will continue to showcase this process while inviting the continual input of all who wish to contribute. Resources to incorporate into family, teaching and therapeutic practice will follow.

Among the existing EFT community are those with the talents and passion to help shape the language and methodologies for making EFT work in the hands of young people with a variety of needs. We have assembled some of the best practitioners and teachers of EFT as it can applied to and for children right here at eft4Kids! This protocol is particualrly suitable and attractive to educators, child behaviour specialists, clinicians, therapists and others working with young people.

eft4Kids! will be promoted and introduced to the community of interest that connects youth and their adult care givers. Seminars, articles and outreach in many formats will spread the word and feed back to the web sites with updates to grow the community forming around this initiative. Practitioners of EFT, therapists and teachers looking to bring self-help practices to young people in their care and others with contact and influence over young people are invited to examine this project, offer comment and, for some, become involved on a steering committee, foundational basis. We invite you to join in.

The following individuals are advisors to this project and moderators in our discussion forums. Their expertise, support and willingness to work cooperatively to move this initiative forward within the EFT community is a gift to all who believe in EFT and wish to see it shared with young people:

Dr. Carol Look, LCSW, DCH
EFT Master

Pat Crilly, RN

Sue Busen


Till Shilling

Syandra Ingram

Christine Moran
Adv Pract EFT, Bsc. Psy

Several other talented, dedicated individuals are contributing to the dialogue underway on using EFT with young people. If this self-help approach for young people meets you or your organization’s goals you are invited to join our start-up initiative to help make it into a reality. If you have a specific interest or conduct specific work with young people who benefit from EFT and would like to participate in our Advisory Panel please contact us. It is hoped that by promoting EFT as a self-help practice, the protocol and the number of end users will grow organically.


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