Rap, Tap and Zap! - "RTZ" your way to feeling good about yourself!

What will follow out of the dialogue and input on eft4Kids! will be first and foremost a “kids-first” initiative! The RTZ! materials offered to kids are just that – EFT presented in ways that speak to youth by inviting them to use and develop RTZ! as their own in a welcoming, supportive community of their peers.

Whether they are simply exploring the concepts and using the materials created specifically for them, or they’re interested to help shape and represent the practice to their peers a sense of ownership must be apparent to those young people with a need and a passion for the topics of wellness, self improvement and sharing. Newcomers and more experienced users alike must believe that they can not only learn from the tools and examples provided, but that within RTZ! they can find an association with a like-minded, supportive community of their peers and do this for themselves! The protocol and the energy surrounding Rap Tap Zap! must be perceived as a kids-for-kids initiative, or it will not attract the interest, or the trust of the audience it is designed to serve.

In order to ensure that the site and materials are well targeted and effective a process of testing and evaluating what is created will be conducted using a dedicated Youth Panel. Once launched, the web site and the materials posted will undergo similar content and creative input and testing by Youth Panel members selected from suitable applicants and working with adult mentors and advisors.

Invite young people you know to join the Youth Panel and help to shape the path of RapTap Zap!
A small team of youth advisors is being assembled to review all of the creative that their peers will see; field responses from other youth; edit news and information releases; answer questions about anything to do with the information materials, the protocol, or process of using EFT as it will be presented online.

Adult supervision will direct the growth of RTZ!, but will not be pervasive in peer to peer communication forums, Q&A’s, etc. An Adult Advisory Panel will over see this adult web site and direct the learning and therapeutic content and tools associated with the separate Rap Tap Zap! youth site.

If you have or work with young people and think they could contribute and would benefit freom being a part of the Youth Panel for RapTap Zap! please contact us with more details about your young nominees. Compensation will be made to all contributors on a prorated basis. Parental consent in written form will be required and a series of discussions will take place between the advisors and consultants to eft4Kids and the adults and young people applying to join the RTZ! Youth Panel.

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